Honors & Service Awards


Award of Distinction

Chapter Service Award

2023 Recipients

 Julie Friedman, DC-MD-VA Chapter

As an active DC-MD-VA Chapter member for several years, Julie has significantly contributed to its growth and success. Despite her busy schedule, she has always made herself available to the chapter, contributing her time, energy and expertise to numerous projects and initiatives.

Julie has held various roles including Chapter Secretary and is currently serving as Vice President and Sponsorship Committee Chair. Her deep relationships with her chapter sponsors make it possible for the chapter to plan and fund no- or low-cost educational offerings to its members. And, Julie’s fundraising efforts helped the chapter underwrite a significant pro bono design and installation project in the City of Baltimore, as well as contribute to APLD’s Healthy Pots, Healthy Planet initiative.

Rachel Gioannini, Virtual Chapter

Rachel was nominated for her exceptional work with the Virtual Chapter, where she has been sharing her expertise in the industry and in education to develop and host mentoring classes for the chapter.

One of her most notable contributions has been finding excellent speakers to share their knowledge for the chapter’s recent webinar series. Her dedication to finding the best in the industry has been a tremendous asset.

Rachel has also volunteered her time to work with individual members as a resource. Her willingness to help and support members has been invaluable, and we are grateful for her selfless dedication.

Harry Schuster Service Award

2023 Recipient

Kathy Hubner, CPLD, FAPLD

Kathy has been a dedicated member of APLD for over 30 years, making significant contributions to the organization. She began volunteering early on and became a board member, serving as Chapter Chair helping to develop programs for the newly evolving chapters. Her work on this has come full circle, as she is now the president of APLD's largest chapter, the Virtual Chapter.

Kathy has become the face of APLD's International Landscape Design Awards Program, serving as committee chair for over ten years and a committee member long before that. Through the program, she encourages designers worldwide to submit their best work, showcasing the creative work designed and built by professional landscape designers.

Kathy's dedication to APLD is evident through her consistent work as a member and volunteer, growing and strengthening the organization and supporting its members in whatever role she serves. She shows the same interest in and support for each designer, always eager to share her knowledge with all members and generously sharing her experience as a webinar speaker and individual mentor.

Award for Leadership in Landscape Sustainability


Mark Brotton, CPLD

Mark has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing sustainability principles and has significantly impacted this critical field. 

He has been the Chair of APLD’s Sustainability Committee since 2017. His time serving on the committee has focused on engaging with other volunteers to establish APLD as a thought leader on sustainability in landscape design, promoting sustainability, and educating members and the public on the topic.

Mark consistently inspires and engages others in the pursuit of sustainability. He has been a tireless advocate for raising awareness about environmental issues and has actively educated and mentored individuals and teams. Mark’s passion and commitment have had a ripple effect, influencing and inspiring others to act and make sustainability central to their work.